What is AP
AP are Action Points which are spent when doing tasks on the site such as searching and fighting.

How often will I get AP
You will receive +1 AP every 5 minutes.

How do I get my health back?
You will receive +2 HP every 5 minutes or by using special healing items such as med packs etc.

Why should I fortify a house?
In a future update you will only be safe in your house, the game tracks your every move so be sure to go back to your safe house before closing your browser or logging out. Random attacks will occur and if you are in your Safe House you have less chance of being attacked.

How many levels are there?
At the moment the highest rank is level 100 which required 50,000 XP to reach.

Leveling up
You will get XP when you fight and do various tasks on the game, the more XP you gain the higher the level you go. With higher levels you gain attack, defence, additional AP and can carry more items.

Can I change my player name?
Yes, click on the Account button above to edit your profile.

You can check the missions page to see what missions are available for you to complete at your current level. Missions will consist of searching and finding specific items and returning them to the person in need. Once you have collected all of the items required you will then be able to "Complete" the mission by going to the Mission page and clicking the "Complete Mission" button.

Zombies Attack Too
If you are wondering why you sometimes find that your Zombie kills go up or you are low on health, it is because Zombies attack randomly. Make sure you leave your player in your safe house where you have less chance of being attacked.